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Obama Will Govern from the Left

By Steve Beren, December 2, 2008



Some pundits - among them Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard and David Brooks of the New York Times - are already writing to the effect that Obama will likely govern from the center. They point to supposedly moderate or centrist cabinet appointments, and to some grumbling and disappointment on the far left.




Let's not give credit where none is due. It is wishful thinking - unnecessary and counterproductive - for conservatives and Republicans to believe that Obama will govern from the center.



Obama's own political history and background, and the actual practice of the Carter and Clinton administrations, should lead us to expect battles and challenges on a series of key issues. Those who delude themselves into believing Obama will govern from the center will be be unprepared for the battles ahead.



The new administration - Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, Tom Daschle, Joe Biden, Janet Napolitano - will definitely represent change - change in a left direction to be sure, but change nonetheless.



The far left may have its quibbles, but don't misread them, don't exaggerate them, and don't be in denial. The far left and the mainstream media will be cheerleaders as Obama pushes expanded government, increased taxes and spending, government-run health care, "card check" for labor union bosses, weak border security, steps toward amnesty for illegal immigrants, and the nomination of activist judges who will thwart the will of the American people.



Two points above all:



As with Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, the Obama administration will harm our foreign policy, retreat before our enemies, and weaken the military.



And regarding Obama's campaign promise to cut taxes: It was bad enough I had to listen to his lies throughout the campaign. It was bad enough that McCain was ineffective in countering this lying pledge. And it was bad enough that, in the end, on the issue of taxes, Obama lied better than McCain told the truth.



Why add insult to injury? Why give credit where none is due?



Whatever the grumblings of some on the far left, they will like the far left agenda agenda of change - yes, change - that Obama will seek to promote.



Obama will push for government-run health care, cap and trade, an auto bailout, and environmental policies that will harm the economy.



He will have the support and enthusiasm of the mainstream media, the liberal elites, and yes even the far left of the Democratic Party.


Obama will expand government and RAISE taxes.



Let's not disarm ourselves with false optimism and head-in-the-sand denial about Obama governing pragmatically, realistically, and from the center.




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