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Past clients include Rob McKenna, Newt Gingrich, Joe Miller, James Watkins, John Koster, Elizabeth Scott, Linda Kochmar, Conrad Lee, Pam Fernald, Art Coday, and many others.
“I have the utmost respect and admiration for Steve.  He is intelligent, articulate, and serious in his ideas and concepts….  Steve has tremendous leadership abilities and is a passionate and motivational speaker.  These qualities make him particularly suitable for outreach, public relations, and media….   In addition to the skills referenced above, Steve is an experienced writer, event organizer, and fundraiser.  He was a 2008 candidate for the United States Congress in Washington State's 7th congressional district and acquitted himself very well….” – Attorney General Rob McKenna
"I value the political consulting work done by Steve Beren and One Spark Marketing.  Steve is a skilled researcher, insightful analyst, and objective advisor.  He is an excellent strategist, and his social media, internet marketing, and publicity efforts are effective.  When Steve ran for congress, he represented Republicans and Republican ideals in a very difficult district when nobody else would step up....  Steve is smart, is an accomplished speaker and writer, and the work he does on behalf of Republican candidates is a big plus for the party." - James Watkins, candidate for State Auditor

"Steve Beren has offered my successful campaign for the State House of Representatives invaluable support in website maintenance, campaign advice, social media maintenance, Public Disclosure Commission research, online donations, and the development of campaign brochures with direct mail.  I would highly recommend Steve to any other candidate or public official that might have need of his services.  Steve has consistently been a tremendous support in my campaign and I cannot thank him enough for all that he has done for me." – Linda Kochmar State Representative, State of Washington, 30th District, Position 1 (elected 2012, re-elected 2014)

“During my campaign, I contracted with One Spark Marketing for certain services.   Steve always got back to me in a very timely manner and all of the campaign material/media One Spark produced for me was great (I won my election).  Steve is easy to work with, has a very upbeat attitude, plenty of relevant experience,  and was always respectful of my requests while at the same time offering his political expertise for my consideration.  If I run again, Steve will be my go to guy.” – Pam Fernald, 2013 candidate for city council in SeaTac (King County)

“It is no secret to anyone in my city that I am a conservative Republican, so even though this was a ‘non-partisan’ race, the fact that I was running against a sitting and popular progressive councilwoman in an area long considered liberal was met with a mix of mirth and disbelief….  I contracted with Steve Beren to provide guidance, advice, writing, and web/social media development/content (in addition to my hard materials, signs, and literature).  He helped me organize my volunteers and leverage every bit of positive energy that the campaign could muster.   He was also able to provide me with potential donor lists and strategies for contacting voters and get out the vote efforts…..  Steve’s constant guidance on ‘message discipline’ was so important….  While I did not win, I did receive 49.7% of the vote to the incumbent’s 50.3%.  I lost by only 31 votes….  I would highly recommend Steve Beren for your campaign and marketing needs.  He is a man of the highest integrity, his subject knowledge is deep, and his ability to help you craft and maintain a message is superb.   I give him a great deal of credit for our good showing in a very difficult race, as he kept the campaign on track and on message.” – Erin Sitterley, 2011 candidate for city council in SeaTac (King County)
Steve Beren – One Spark Marketing
landline (206) 325-6341
cell (206) 931-1854

Steve Beren is available for media interviews and speaking engagments.  To schedule Steve Beren for a speaking engagement, contact or call (206) 325-6341. 

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